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217/365 Fern (by M. Klasan)
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British Butterflies (King Penguin Books Series No. 41). Edmund Brisco Ford. Illustrated by Paxton Chadwick. Penguin Books, 1951. First edition.
Ford (1901-1988) was a British ecological geneticist. He was a leader among those British biologists who investigated the role of natural selection in nature. As a schoolboy Ford became interested in lepidoptera, the group of insects which includes butterflies and moths. 
~   Ralph Waldo Emerson (via thecalminside)
~   Victoria Erickson (via venuschild)
~   Sylvia Plath, from a diary entry (via violentwavesofemotion)

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After the puja . Varanasi , India
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Fig. 60 & Fig. 61. Zur Entwickelungsgeschichte des spondylolisthetischen Beckens und seiner Diagnose. 1882.
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~    Ralph Steiner

Roland Barthes, Fragments
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Truman Capote, “Shut a Final Door”
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