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"I’ve realised the reason we wake up with big messy hair is to remind our souls that we wake up wild and free every morning. Really, in all truth, we don’t need to style our hair for anyone. We don’t need to keep up with appearances. We don’t need to be anything but what we naturally are, raw, organic, unfussed. And how we start through our hair each morning is how we should be with our hearts all the time. We were all born wild and free. Our messy hair in the mornings is keeper of this truth. But then each morning we begin so strong, without any effort at all, and a night of resting our souls and freeing our spirits in our dreams behind us and then within a few minutes we try to tidy ourselves up for acceptance from the world around us, forgetting the meaning behind all of that wonderfulness that has just happened. Giving in to the pressures of fashion conformity. Crazy! A world that constantly heaps on our shoulders expectations that drain the heart, constantly telling us we need to be more and this and that and never just what we are. Why do we listen so much?? We give over the defiant power and wild magic of our messy hair so quickly! I believe in messy hair! The freedom and resolute social power messy hair gives us! It is the beginning of our unapologetic authenticity! I believe in throwing away the status quo and the public fickle idea of beauty and not being neat, tidy and controlled by man, like Stepford-wife cut lawn grass but being raw, wild and fiercely independent and powerful like the emerald jungle forests of the Mother that put all curiosity, fear and wonder into the human soul who dares enter her space. When we rest (symbolic of our sleep) and let our instincts carve out the adventures of our existence (our dreams at night, however sporadic and non-consequential they may be), our wildness and freedom is awakened. The sense of the true and divine crazy in our nature is stirred and so our hair responds. Crazy as in spontaneity, unpredictability, living life on the edge with uncertainty as a friend, not foe and fusing with an irrefutable passion to live, that unquenchable warm storm within that swirls are habits of conformity up in the air so that we may taste the dew of true conscious living without trying to force life to happen. That kind of crazy we could do more with in our lives. The crazy that our messy hair symbolises. And because of that we should all have a global messy hair day once a year like they do earth day and happiness day etc. Let’s pay homage to all that can set us free. That would be a great start to our messy hair revolution anyway. So each morning as you brush your hair back, putting restraint on your random and spontaneous go-with-the-flow spirit, think upon your wildness within and set some moments in the day and week to live that wildness out, to let that messy hair out, to let your hair down. Our messy hair is a gift, not a burden. Something to celebrate and be empowered by rather than sheepish and embarrassed off. May your attention and growing respect of your morning messy hair empower and release the wild thing within you."

~   S.C Lourie, Why messy hair is medicine (via sclourie)

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